'Ready to Offer' Checklist

Given how fast homes are snatched up in the Bay Area, you need to be ready when you see a home you love!  Below are items your realtor will ask you for to go along with your offer:
  1. "Love" Letter
  2. Offer Amount
  3. Legal name(s) of offeror(s)
  4. Decisions on whether you are removing any of the contingencies below.  
    • Financing, if this is not removed, find out from your lender the timelines for the following:
      • Financing Contingency Removal
      • Appraisal 
      • Time to Close
    • Appraisal 
    • Inspection
  5. Pre-Approval/Pre-Underwritten Letter. 
    • If all cash, proof of funds.
If your offer gets accepted, you need to wire the 3% deposit within 3 days.  It takes stocks about a week to settle so ensure you have the 3% deposit in cash in the bank account you want to wire from. 

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